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Note:  If you're concerned that your audience will find topics like DNA dry or overly technical, you can view our 'Report Card' with ratings and feedback from actual attendees.

"Evaluations glowed. We appreciate the effort which went into your program, and thank you for helping us achieve our best attendance record yet!"

"I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed both of your lectures. They were fascinating, to say the least! I was very moved by the poignancy and serendipity of the accounts that you mentioned. Maybe we should call you the 'Genie of Genealogy!' "

"Excellent - will help me in my quest to find my missing grandmother."

"Your stories were fascinating! Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm!"

"You cheered all of us on to our searching. You have done so much to bring genealogy to life. On behalf of the group, thank you for your stories. They are full of power."

"Your seminar was great! Your presentation turned on some lights for me for tracking living family members where the historical lines have gone cold."

"I am convinced, Megan, that you are the angel of serendipitous genealogical experiences."

"What a pleasure it was to meet you, and thank you so much for your wonderful presentation! We've had terrific feedback from all sides about last Saturday's program. It was very gratifying to see how enthusiastically the audience responded to your talk, and how generously you shared your insights with them, even after the program was finished! This kind of success is so important for the library, and believe me, it has a lasting effect. People who attended the conference will remember a pleasant and informative day spent at the library, and they'll pass the word on to friends and colleagues. We feel the day just couldn't have been better!"

-- William V. Jones, Maryland Department, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, MD

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