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Have you - just like just about all of us - hit a brick wall in your family history research? Is there a particular ancestor you're fascinated with who continues to remain elusive? Have you heard some intriguing, whispered tale in your family that you can't quite prove? Do you lie awake at nights trying to figure out how to kick down some stubborn brick wall?

If so, please use this form to tell me about it. Due to volume, I can't tackle all cases, but just because you don't hear from me immediately doesn't mean I'm not on the case. I tend not to contact submitters unless I need clarification or until I'm fairly optimistic about shedding some light on the mystery.

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How did you find this site?
I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to tell me which search engine, other web site, newspaper article, etc. led you here:

Please briefly tell me about your brick wall and your efforts to date to try to break it down.
What places are associated with this person/family (e.g., where they were born, lived, married, died, etc.)?
What dates are associated with this person/family (e.g., date of birth (even approximate), marriage, death, etc.)?
What names are associated with this person/family (e.g., maiden or previous married names for women, nicknames, names of spouses, siblings, parents, children or other relatives, etc.)?

OK, now please tell me anything else you might know about this person or family, such as their religion, the cemetery where most family members are buried, when they immigrated, etc. - whatever you suspect might be helpful. Sometimes the tiniest of clues can help!

If you have any images you'd like to include (say, an old photo of the person or family in question or maybe a document or two), please use these fields to attach up to 3 images. If you have more, please send them by email and reference this Brick Wall/Mystery submission.
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